Thoriated Glass Lens from Vintage Kodak Camera ~ Thorium-232 Source



Thoriated Glass Lens from Vintage Kodak Camera- Check Source for Geiger Counter
Thoriated Glass Lens from Vintage Kodak Camera

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Thoriated glass convex lens from a vintage Kodak camera

Size: 19mm in diameter and about 7mm thick.

Thoriated glass lenses may contain up to 30% thorium by weight.

If the lens has developed a brown tint over time, the discoloration can be mitigated by exposing the lens to ultraviolet light.

Th232 is the optimal choice for calibrating the Radiacode 101 and 102 since it offers the essential three calibration points needed to calibrate at the energy levels of 65, 583, and 2614 keV.

Thoriated glass is a glass material used in the manufacture of optical systems, specifically photographic lenses. It is useful for this process due to its high refractive index. Thoriated glass is radioactive due to the inclusion of thorium dioxide, the oxide of the radioactive element thorium. It has therefore been succeeded as a material of choice for the glass including lanthanum oxide. Thoriated glass can contain up to 30% by weight of thorium. The thoriated glass elements in lenses over time develop a brown tint reducing transmission and interfering with neutral color reproduction.

This listing meets the requirements of NRC 10 CFR 40.22

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Geiger counter is not included