5.5 Grams of Autunite Pieces in a Vial, Fluorescent Uranium Ore


25g autunite
Five-five gram autunite vials under long wave uv and white light

Geological Check source for Geiger counters.

Five and a half Grams autunite in a Vial
UV light source included

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5.5g Autunite fragments Shipped in a Glass Vial

Common Name: autunite

Mineral: calcium uranyl phosphate, also called calco-uranite

Autunite contains 48.27% virgin uranium. These specimens will glow bright green in the presence of UV light due to the presence of phosphorus and uranium.

This listing is for one Vial containing at least five and a half grams of autunite fragments. The specimens will be free of any excessive matrix for the purpose of delivering 385 Bq of activity or 2.6 grams of natural uranium. The vial will not be permanently sealed.

When this vial is placed within 1/4 inch of a beta/gamma sensitive Geiger tube, a count above 2000CPM can be expected.

A small UV light source is included with your order.

Excellent alpha particle source!

Shipped via USPS First Class wrapped in polyethylene and bubble wrap, lead, and or aluminum foil. to bring the parcel surface activity well below the 0.5mR/hr shipping limit.
(the unshielded specimen itself has an activity above 70 Bq/gram)

If you are looking for a different amount in this vial, please feel free to contact me ( for a custom quote.

The buyer must assume responsibility for this item and use it according to its intended purpose. Keep this away from children and store it at least three feet from anywhere anyone spends a lot of time.

This listing meets the requirements of NRC 10 CFR 40.22

It also meets U.S.P.S domestic shipping requirements for exempt limited quantities of class 7 materials according to –347.22 “are eligible under 49 CFR to be shipped as excepted packages for limited quantities” and –Exhibit 347.22 Activity Limits– and also –173.435– Table of A1 and A2 values

This item will conform to the USPS shipping restrictions when shipped.

Geiger counter not included.

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