LuAG – Lutetium Aluminum Garnet Crystal


LuAG - Lutetium Aluminum Garnet Crystal - 12.6 Grams
Lutetium Aluminum Garnet Crystal Excited by a 532nm Laser

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Lutetium Aluminum Garnet Synthetic Crystal, aka LuAg

Weight: 12.6 Grams

Size: 12.6×12.6×11.6

Formula: Lu3Al5O12

61.6% Lu by mass

1.58% Lu-176

This crystal has two opposing transparent faces and four translucent faces. It will fluoresce under UV light but can be excited by wavelengths in the range of blue-green colors.

Lutetium aluminum garnet (Lu3Al5O12, or LuAG) is a synthetic garnet crystal. Owing to its outstanding properties, such as high density, high thermal conductivity, and good transparency in the visible and near-infrared regions, it’s widely used in scintillator applications for high-energy photon detection. Additionally, LuAG has been studied as a potential host material for solid-state lasers, particularly when doped with rare-earth ions. Its transparency and luminescent characteristics make it valuable in various optical and photonic devices.

Excellent calibration source for the Radiacode 101, Atom Fast, and gamma spectroscopy

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