Andersonite & Bayleyite Crystals on Matrix – Ambrosia Lake, New Mexico


Fluorescent Anersonite and Bayleyite aCrystals on Matrix





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Andersonite and Bayleyite on Matrix

Baleyite Formula: Mg2(UO2)(CO3)3 · 18H2O

Andersonite Formula: Na2Ca(UO2)(CO3)3·6H2O

Size 19x13x8mm

Locality: Ambrosia Lake, Mining District, New Mexico, USA

This is an antique specimen that appears to have been labeled before the first mention of  Andersonite in 1948. The vivid blue fluorescence of the Andersonite overshadows the pale yellow-green Bayleyite fluorescence. The differences in the fluorescence between Bayleyite and Andersonite can be observed in the main picture.

This specimen was stabilized with Paraloid B-72,  a commonly used conservation material in the field of mineral preservation, providing excellent protective qualities for stabilization and long-term conservation. The stabilization process results in a specimen that won’t disintegrate over time like these minerals are notorious for.

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