100mg Autunite Sealed in Acrylic Epoxy


100mg Autunite Embedded in an Acrylic Epoxy
Radioactive Test Sample or Check Source for Geiger Counter

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Autunite, also known as calcium uranyl phosphate or calco-uranite contains 48.27% virgin uranium. This specimen glows bright green in the presence of UV light due to the presence of phosphorus. Autunite emits alpha particles, undergoes beta decay and gamma decay through isomeric transition. When this specimen is placed within 1/4 inch of a beta/gamma sensitive Geiger counter, a count above 1000CPS can be expected.

Each specimen containing 100mg Autunite weighs 4.9 to 5 grams and measures approximately 17mm (0.67 inches) on all sides.

When shipped, this item will conform to USPS shipping restrictions.

This listing meets the requirements of NRC 10 CFR 40.22

It also meets U.S.P.S domestic shipping requirements for exempt limited quantities of class 7 materials according to –347.22 “are eligible under 49 CFR to be shipped as excepted packages for limited quantities” and –Exhibit 347.22 Activity Limits– and also –173.435– Table of A1 and A2 values

Geiger counter is not included