Boltwoodite on Gypsum Matrix- Dongchuan Kunming Yunnan China – 5 Grams


Geological Check source for Geiger counters.

5g Gram Boltwoodite Crystals on Gypsum Matrix

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Boltwoodite on Gypsum Matrix from China

Size: 31x26x19mm

Weight: 4.9 grams

Locality: Dongchuan Kunming Yunnan China

This specimen might not be detectible with an economical beta/gamma detecting counter, but it does emit alpha particles resulting in a count above 600CPM with the GQ-GMC-600 pancake tube.

Boltwoodite is a rare mineral belonging to the uranyl silicate hydrate group. It is named after Charles Boltwood, an American chemist. Boltwoodite typically occurs as small, prismatic to tabular crystals or as coatings on the surface of other minerals. When found on a gypsum matrix, it forms an interesting and visually appealing combination.

In terms of its composition, Yellow Boltwoodite contains uranium, calcium, silicon, oxygen, and water molecules. Its formation is associated with hydrothermal processes involving the leaching of uranium-bearing minerals and subsequent precipitation in fractures and cavities. Gypsum, a common evaporite mineral, often serves as a host rock for Yellow Boltwoodite crystals.

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