Antozonite (Stinkspar/Fluorite) Elemental Fluorine Source Combination for Periodic Table


Antozonite Elemental Fluorine Periodic Table Display Assortment

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Antozonite, AKA Stinkspar,  Two Piece Combo from Wolsendorf, Bavaria

The pieces include one 10mm borosilicate glass ampule containing two grams of antozonite and the pictured specimen of antozonite weighing 34 grams and measuring 33x31x20mm.

Antozonite is a variety of fluorite characterized by the presence of multiple inclusions containing elemental fluorine. Releasing the fluorine can be achieved by forcefully sanding a flat side of the slab with 220-grit sandpaper.

Although antozonite can be radioactive due to contamination from impurities, no activity was detected in this specimen.

Coin is not included

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