Andersonite Crystals on Matrix – D-Day Mine, USA – Fluorescent Uranium Ore


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Andersonite Crystals on Matrix

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Vividly Fluorescent Blue Andersonite Crystals on Matrix

Mineral:  hydrated sodium calcium uranyl carbonate

Size: 53x38x19mm

Approximate Weight: 22 Grams

Locality: D-Day #2 Mine, D-Day Mine group, Thompsons Mining District, Grand County, Utah, USA

Andersonite is a fluorescent is a rare hydrated uranyl carbonate mineral, named after Charles Alfred Anderson, a noted mineralogist. It’s characterized by its bright blue-green fluorescence under ultraviolet light, which distinguishes it from other minerals. Its chemical composition includes uranium, calcium, carbon, and oxygen. Found in uranium deposits, particularly in the United States, its fluorescence is attributed to uranium’s radioactive properties. Andersonite’s unique fluorescence makes it valuable in scientific research, aiding in identifying and studying uranium-bearing minerals.

This specimen was stabilized with Paraloid B-72, a commonly used conservation material in the field of mineral preservation, providing excellent protective qualities for long-term conservation. The stabilization process infuses the specimen with an acrylic polymer resulting in a more rigid specimen that won’t break easily or fall apart over time.

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