Allanite-(Ce) var. Orthite in Matrix – Olden Township, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada

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Allanite Crystal Specimen – Canada

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Allanite in Matrix

Weight: 104g

Size: 84x 29 x48mm

Locality: Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada

Allanite is a mildly radioactive mineral belonging to the epidote group and is named after Thomas Allan, a Scottish mineralogist. It is primarily found in Canada, specifically in regions such as Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. Allanite exhibits a complex and variable chemical composition, with a general formula of (Ca,Ce,La,Y,Th)(Al,Fe3+)(Fe2+,Mg,Mn3+)2(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH). It often occurs in metamorphic rocks, such as gneiss and schist, as well as in granitic pegmatites. Allanite crystals are typically black or brown, but they can also display shades of green, yellow, or red. Although not a primary source of thorium, this mineral is valued for its content of rare earth elements (REEs), including cerium, lanthanum, and yttrium, which have various industrial and technological applications. Allanite is studied by mineralogists and geologists for its role in understanding metamorphic processes and as a potential source of REEs.

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