Vanadinite on Barite – Atlas Mountains Khenifra Province, Morocco


Vanadinite on Barite Matrix- Morocco, 234 grams

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Vanadinite crystals on Barite Matrix- Atlas Mountains Khenifra Province, Morocco

Size: 89x70x27mm
Approximate weight: 234g
Locality:  Atlas Mountains Khenifra Province, Morocco

Vanadinite is a mineral composed of lead vanadate (Pb₅(VO₄)₃Cl). The percentage composition of vanadium in vanadinite can vary, but typically it ranges from around 18% to 19% by weight. It is a lead chloride vanadate mineral, known for its vibrant red-to-orange-red color and hexagonal prismatic or barrel-shaped crystals. Barite, a barium sulfate mineral, is commonly white or colorless and has a lower hardness and higher specific gravity. When vanadinite crystals form on a barite matrix, the contrasting colors create an aesthetically pleasing specimen. This combination is highly sought after by collectors and can be found in various locations worldwide, including Morocco, Mexico, Arizona (USA), and South Africa. Vanadinite on barite specimens showcases the beauty and rarity of both minerals, with the red vanadinite crystals standing out against the white or colorless barite matrix. These captivating specimens provide a visually appealing display for mineral enthusiasts.


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