Uraninite in Matrix- Uranium Mine No. 4, Lešetice, Czech Republic – Uranium Ore


Uraninite in Matrix –  Czech Republic

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Uraninite in Matrix – Uranium Mine No. 4, Czech Republic

Size: 25 x23x15mm

Locality: Uranium Mine No. 4 (Shaft No. 4), Lešetice, Příbram District, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic

This listing meets the requirements of NRC 10 CFR 40.22

It also meets U.S.P.S domestic shipping requirements for exempt limited quantities of class 7 materials according to –347.22 “are eligible under 49 CFR to be shipped as excepted packages for limited quantities” and –Exhibit 347.22 Activity Limits– and also –173.435– Table of A1 and A2 values

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