Uraninite and Carnotite in Matrix ~ Moab Utah, USA Uranium Ore


Uraninite and Carnotite in Matrix – Moab Utah, USA

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Uraninite and Carnotite in Matrix- Moab, Utah

Size: 70x59x54mm

Approximate weight:  248 Grams

Locality: Moab Valley, Grand County, Utah, USA

This specimen was stabilized with Butvar B-76,  a commonly used conservation material in the field of mineral preservation, providing excellent protective qualities for stabilization and long-term conservation. The stabilization process infuses the specimen with an acrylic resin resulting in a specimen that won’t desintigrate over time.

The stabilization process blocks a significant amount of alpha particles. Before stabilization, this specimen measured 70,000 CPM with a pancake tube.

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