Tyuyamunite Crystals on Matrix – Qinglong Guizhou, China


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Tyuyamunite Crystals on Matrix  ~ China


Weight: 10.0g

Locality: Qinglong Guizhou, China

Formula:(Ca(UO2)2(VO4)2 · 5-8H2O

Tyuyamunite (tuh-YOO-ya-moon-ite) is a rare uranium mineral, belonging to the carnotite group. It exhibits a bright canary-yellow color due to its high uranium content, making it radioactive. Discovered by Konstantin Avtonomovich Nenadkevich in 1912, it was named after its type locality, Tyuya-Muyun, in the Fergana Valley, Kyrgyzstan. As a hydrous mineral, it contains water, but when exposed to the atmosphere, it loses its water and transforms into a different mineral called metatyuyamunite.

This specimen was stabilized with Paraloid B-72, a commonly used conservation material in the field of mineral preservation, providing excellent protective qualities for stabilization and long-term conservation. The stabilization process results in a more rigid specimen that won’t break easily, flake or fall apart over time.

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