Torbernite / Meta-torbernite in Matrix – Guangxi, China – Uranium Ore


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Torbernite in Matrix – Guangxi, P.R.C.

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Torbernite in Matrix

Size: 59x40x38mm

Approximate Weight: 46g

Locality:  Unnamed lead mine, Shazijiang uranium deposit, Miaoershan Uranium ore field (Ziyuan Uranium ore field), Ziyuan Co., Guilin, Guangxi, China Guangxi Provence, China

Torbernite is a radioactive mineral with the formula Cu(UO₂)₂(PO₄)₂·10-12H₂O, belonging to the uraninite group typically occurring as bright green, tabular crystals or as fine-grained masses. Torbernite gets its vibrant color from both its high uranium and copper contents giving it a distinctive appearance and unique crystal structure.

This specimen was stabilized with Paraloid B-72, a commonly used conservation material in the field of mineral preservation, providing excellent protective qualities for long-term conservation. The stabilization process infused the specimen with an acrylic polymer resulting in a more rigid specimen that won’t break, or disintegrate under normal circumstances over time.

Shipped only with USPS Parcel Select Ground (2-8 days), wrapped in plastic, lead foil, and bubble wrap in a box big enough to bring the parcel surface activity below the 0.5mR/hr shipping limit.
(the unshielded specimen itself has an activity above 70 Bq/gram)

The buyer must assume responsibility for this item and use it according to its intended purpose. Keep this away from children and store it at least five feet away from anywhere anyone spends a lot of time.

This item will conform to the USPS shipping restrictions when shipped.

Geiger counter not included.

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