Thorite – Kemp Prospect, Cardiff Township, Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada


Thorite Crystal formation from Canada – Stabilized

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Massive Stabilized Thorite Crystal Formation

Weight: 33g

Size: 44x43x32mm

Locality: Kemp Prospect, Cardiff Township, Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada

50% to 80% thorium by mass

<10% uranium by mass

Thorite is a radioactive mineral belonging to the group of thorium silicates. It occurs in granitic and pegmatitic rocks, as well as in alluvial deposits. Typically brown to black with a resinous to vitreous luster, thorite has a high density and is opaque. It primarily consists of thorium dioxide (ThO2) but may contain other elements like uranium, rare earth elements, and tin. Crystallizing in the tetragonal system, it forms prismatic or tabular crystals but is more commonly found in massive or granular forms. Thorite is an important source of thorium, a valuable radioactive element. Thorium has been studied as a potential alternative fuel for nuclear reactors. However, precautions must be taken when handling thorite due to its radioactivity.

This specimen was stabilized with 30% Paraloid B-72, a frequently employed material in mineral and fossil preservation. Stabilization infuses the specimen with an acrylic polymer giving it outstanding protective properties, and ensuring the specimen remains stable and resistant to cracking, breaking, or deterioration over an extended period of conservation.

This listing meets the requirements of NRC 10 CFR 40.22

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