Radian Barite Crystals on Matrix – Lahost, Czech Republic

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Geological and Radiological Collectors Specimen

Radian Barite Crystals on Matrix – Czechoslovakia

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Radian Barite,  AKA Radiobaryte

Common name: Radian Barite

Formula: (Ba, Ra)SO4

Size:  55*54*30mm

Approximate weight: 106-g

Locality: Lahost, Czech Republic

Over 700CPM using the GQ GMC-600+ pancake tube

Radian Barite is a naturally occurring mineral that contains traces of radioactive elements such as radium,  uranium, and thorium. These radioactive isotopes can emit ionizing radiation, which poses potential health risks. Due to its radioactivity, special precautions and regulations are necessary when handling and disposing of radian barite to ensure the safety of workers and the environment. Despite the radioactivity, radian barite’s high density and chemical properties still make it a sought-after mineral in certain industrial applications.

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