Native Copper Formation – Kamoto Mine, D.R. Congo – 55 Grams


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Natural Copper Specimen – Kamoto Mine, DRC
Size: 57x38x20mm
Approximate weight: 54.8g

Locality: Kamoto Mine Kolwezi, Katanga Province Democratic Peoples Republic of Congo

This 55g native copper specimen from the Kamoto Mine is naturally occurring. Native copper refers to copper that occurs in its pure metallic form without any significant mineralization or impurities. It typically exhibits a bright, reddish-brown, or orange color, though variations in color and patina may be present based on exposure to the elements.

The specimen might have a metallic luster, appearing shiny and reflective. Its surface may exhibit a combination of smooth areas and rough textures, depending on how it was naturally formed or how it was extracted from the surrounding rock.

In terms of shape, the specimen can vary. It might be a single solid piece, showcasing irregular formations or intricate crystalline structures. Alternatively, it could consist of multiple interconnected branches, forming a dendritic or tree-like pattern. These formations occur as copper slowly crystallizes over time.

It’s worth noting that the specific characteristics of a native copper specimen from the Kamoto Mine, such as size, shape, and visual features, can vary significantly based on the geological conditions and individual circumstances of the mine.