HFS-P3 Mini-Geiger Counter Pen Personal Dosimeter β & γ (X-rays)


HFS-P3 Geiger Counter Pen-Personal Dosimeter With 48mm GM Tube

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Product features:

1. Four display modes, instantaneous dose, average dose,  cumulative dose, and peak dose rate
2. Programmable audible and visual alarm
3. One-button reset,  startup, and instant test
4. Small-Only 18 grams and measures beta, gamma (X-rays)!

Product parameters:
Model: HFS-P3
Sensor: 48mm Geller Mueller tube
Display: OLED
Material: ABS
Measuring range: 0.05uSv/h~50mSv/h
Measurement accuracy: based on 137Cs γ (-17%…+25%)
Alarm threshold deviation: based on 137Cs γ (-17%…+25%)
Battery capacity: 150mAh built-in lithium-ion battery providing 36 hours of normal use.
Interface: Type-c
Weight: 18 grams

Includes USB-C charging cable

Satisfaction Guaranteed-The HFS-P3 can be returned for a full refund within one year.

Manufactured in China by MUFASHA

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