Monazite-(Ce), Písekite-(Y) in Schrol – Pisek, Czechia – Uranium Ore

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Monazite-(Ce), Monazite

Monazite-(Ce), Písekite-(Y) in Schrol - Pisek, Czechia - Uranium Ore
Monazite-(Ce), Písekite-(Y) in Schrol – Pisek, Czechia – Uranium Ore

-(Y) – Czechia

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Monazite-(Ce), Monazite-(Y) in Schrol – Pisek, Czechia

Weight: 62g

Size: 44x35x26mm

Locality: Obrázek I quarry, Písek District, South Bohemian Region

Písekite-(Y) is also known as Monazite-(Y)

Písekite-(Y) Formula: (Y,As,Ca,Fe,U)(Nb,Ti,Ta)O4

Monazite-(Ce) Formula: Ce(PO4) – Also often contains trace amounts of U and Th (coupled with Ca).

Monazite-(Ce) is a radioactive rare-earth phosphate mineral found around the world and is radioactive due to the presence of thorium and uranium within its crystal structure. It forms prismatic crystals with striated surfaces, typically measuring a few millimeters to a few centimeters. The color of these crystals varies, but they often display shades of brown, reddish-brown, or yellow-brown. Some crystals may exhibit a translucent to transparent appearance, allowing light to pass through and creating a beautiful play of colors. The luster of monazite-(Ce) is usually vitreous or resinous, enhancing its overall visual appeal.

These crystals are known for their high cerium content, which gives them their specific name, monazite-(Ce). Additionally, they contain other rare-earth elements such as lanthanum, neodymium, and praseodymium. These elements contribute to the crystal’s unique properties and make it a sought-after specimen among collectors and researchers.

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