Columbite-(Fe) var. Ferrocolumbite – Petaca Mining District, New Mexico, USA


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Columbite-(Fe) – New Mexico, USA
Weight: 94 Grams

Size: 48x31x24mm

Locality: Petaca Mining District, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, USA

The mark on the bottom of this specimen was made by the technician performing the XRF alasysis.

Columbite-Fe, named for its iron (Fe) and niobium content, was formerly referred to as columbium or ferrocolumbite. This name derived from “Columbia,” a poetic reference to the United States, where the element was first discovered. It occurs primarily in granite pegmatites but is also found in carbonatites and placer deposits. Columbite-Fe is paramagnetic and found in various locations worldwide, including the United States (such as the Black Hills of South Dakota), Norway, Russia, Italy, Madagascar, Australia, and Japan.

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