5.4g Carnotite -Jurassic Canyon, Grants District, New Mexico, USA


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Carnotite – Jurassic Canyon





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Carnotite – Jurassic Canyon New Mexico

Common Name: Carnotite

Formula: K2(UO2)2(VO4)2 · 3H2O


Approximate Weight: 5.4g

Locality: “Jurassic Canyon”, Grants District, New Mexico, USA

Carnotite is a uranium-vanadium oxide mineral occurring in sedimentary rocks. It is a valuable ore for uranium extraction, used in nuclear power and weapons production. The mineral has a bright yellow to greenish-yellow color and is often found alongside other uranium-bearing minerals. Carnotite is primarily found in sandstone-hosted deposits and has industrial applications for vanadium in steel production and chemical catalysis. Due to its uranium content, carnotite is radioactive, necessitating proper handling precautions.

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