160 Grams of Autunite Fragments Shipped


Geological Check source for Geiger counters.

160- Grams of autunite Shipped in Lead Pigs

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160- grams Autunite total, shipped in four lead pigs

Common Name: autunite

Locality: Huantai County, Zibo  Shandong Provence China

Mineral: calcium uranyl phosphate, also called calco-uranite

Autunite contains 48.27% natural uranium

Four lead pig containers with at least 40 grams of autunite fragments each, for a total of 160 grams in the shipment.

Return label will be provided

Shipped with USPS Ground Advantage only in a plastic bag in lead containers to protect from crushing and bring the parcel surface activity well below the 0.5mR/hr shipping limit.

The buyer must assume responsibility for this item and use it according to its intended purpose. Keep this away from children and store it several yards away from anywhere anyone spends a lot of time.

This item will conform to the USPS shipping restrictions.

Geiger counter not included.

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