200mg Autunite Sealed in Acrylic in Puck


Check Source for Geiger Counter-200mg autunite sealed in acrylic in puck with removable lid

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Fluorescent Uranium Mica Radioactive Test Sample Pyramid
Autunite / Ruby Acrylic Pyramid as a Radioactive Test Sample
Check Source for Geiger Counter

Shipped with USPS First Class only as a restricted hazardous material.

This listing is for one plastic puck containing 200mg autunite sealed in acrylic epoxy. The removable lid contains a transparent trefoil warning label. Autunite contains 48% virgin uranium of all naturally occurring isotopes. When this sample is placed within 1/4 inch of a beta/gamma sensitive Geiger tube as shown in the picture, a count above 600CPM can be expected.

This item does not glow naturally due to decay. In the above pictures, a 405nm flashlight was used to demonstrate the fluorescence you can expect with the included light source.

The puck is 30mm in diameter, 16.5mm tall, and weighs about 8 grams.

The buyer must assume responsibility for this item and use it according to its intended purpose. Keep this away from children and store it at least three feet from anywhere anyone spends a lot of time.

This listing meets the requirements of NRC 10 CFR 40.22
It also meets U.S.P.S domestic shipping requirements for exempt limited quantities of class 7 materials according to –347.22 “are eligible under 49 CFR to be shipped as excepted packages for limited quantities” and –Exhibit 347.22 Activity Limits– and also –173.435– Table of A1 and A2 values

When shipped, this item will conform to USPS shipping restrictions.

Geiger counter is not included

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